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Our puppies are reserved for applicants approved on our waiting list.

We do have limited availability in our current litter ready to go to their new homes 12/21/2023

Please click HERE to fill out an application.

We are also accepting applications for 2024.

We will announce any/all updates on our Facebook and Instagram.

Thank you for your patience! 


Like us on Facebook & Instagram to stay updated on our Alaskan Klee Kai


IG: Barkors_Alaskan_Klee_Kai


Sky & Nena (Mika x Niko)

Dobby & Obi (Oka x Niko)

Koa, Romy, Ruca (Oka x Enzo)

Benson, Bailey, Silvey, Kavik (Kitt x Niko)

Shadow, Stitch, Sapphire

Mago (Kitt x Niko)

Jodi, Winter, Bindi, Korra (Mika x Apollo)

Miki, Scarlett, Kai-lee, Oka, Quinn, Kona (Sage x Apollo)

Kevin, Ramsey, Shay (Kitt x Scout)

Ellie, Athena (Sage x Scout)

Max, Ace, Finn (Kitt x Scout)

Louie, Sova, Domino (Cinna x Scout)

Ovi, Ali, Siren (Cinna x Scout)

Riley, Ozzy, Roman, Freyja (Sage x Scout)

Lakota, Gigi (Cinna x Scout)

Luna, Nova, Cheza, Ollie (Sage x Keegan)

Kona, Rocky, Remy (Cinna x Time)

Kahlua, Olivia, Harley, Piper, Kitt (Sage x Knox)

Balto, Marshall, Yukon, Chronos (Mango x Time)

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