Our puppies are reserved for applicants approved on our waiting list.
We ARE NOT accepting applications or reviewing emails at this time.
We plan to accept inquiries again in fall 2020.
We will announce any/all updates on our Facebook and Instagram.
Thank you for your patience! 
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Benson, Bailey, Silvey, Kavik

Shadow, Stitch, Sapphire


Jodi, Winter, Bindi, Korra

Miki, Scarlett, Kai-lee, Oka, Quinn, Kona 
Kevin, Ramsey, Shay

Ellie, Athena

Max, Ace, Finn

Louie, Sova, Domino

Ovi, Ali, Siren

Riley, Ozzy, Roman, Freyja

Lakota, Gigi

Luna, Nova, Cheza, Ollie

Kona, Rocky, Remy

Kahlua, Olivia, Harley, Piper, Kitt
Balto, Marshall, Yukon, Chronos